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Sankey Number Image Title Location Image Taken Description
410 NA NA
411    North Row Showing War Memorial, Roose Looking west along North Row, stone built terraced houses on left, and Roose school with memorial on the right.
412    North Row From Post Office, Roose Looking along North Row from junction with Rampside Road. Post Office and terraced houses on right. Children playing in street.
413    South Row, Roose A long row of stone built terraced houses and street recede into the distance. Children playing on grass verge.
414    NA NA
415 NA
416    NA The staff of Bolton's shop, Duke Street, Barrow
417    NA Mr Simpson. London, Midland and Scottish, horse & cart, Cavendish Street, Barrow
418    NA Saint Mary's Church, Walney, before it was extended
419    NA The interior of the Sankey shop, 78 Duke Street, Barrow
420    NA The Sankey shop at 78 Duke Street, Barrow
421    NA The Sankey shop at 78 Duke Street, Barrow
422    NA General View of North Lonsdale and Saint George's area from a plane
423 NA NA
424    NA The Open Air Baths on Walney.
425    NA Newbarns Village