"Contemporary meditations influenced by The Sankey Archive"

Futuristic images generated using stability AI

After being introduced to the tubthumping 1911 Coronation Airship Song at The Dock Museum, Barrow in Furness Artfly were keen to delve into the Sankey Archives to find visions of an optimistic future from history, to compare to what future visions could be. The photographs selected alternate with futuristic versions generated by Artificial Intelligence.


Relax Into 2050 Exhibition

This new artwork using AI generated Sankey images formed part of their exhibition Relax into 2050 presented in Signal Film and Media’s Gallery. 'Relax into 2050- Adventures in an Optimistic Future' was a playful installation set in a flourishing future where nature and technology work in harmony. A future collectively built with airship rides, bountiful rewilded nature and AI-led cures for many of our ills.

"Using each Sankey image as a starting point we added a written description of the sort of image we wanted to prompt the AI to generate images for us. It was a case of tweaking the wording and various sliders to get results we liked. In the end we ended up using a second AI called Leonardo AI to help us perfect the text prompts! It’s quite exhilarating to see what it comes up with each time and I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface of what it can do."

Artfly, 2023


Chris & Jennie Dennett make playful interactive community art, digital exhibits and websites under the name Artfly. They recently helped create the pop-up People’s Museum exploring the history of Duke Street and Barrow’s old Museum with a photo portal and a visitation from a holographic Mummy’s hand. They also play a key role in many of Ulverston’s festivals including the Lantern Festival, & Ulverston’s Candle Lit Walk.