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Sankey Number Image Title Location Image Taken Description
4089 Duddon Valley Formal Sankey print. Looking north over isolated farm to Ulpha - probably Whinneray Ground
5424    The Entrance to Broughton Tower from corner of Square Elaborate wooden fence; 2 children posing in background. Top of the Square and start of drive up to Broughton Tower
5427 Broughton Tower Front of Broughton Tower from the drive
5456 On the River Duddon, Broughton in Furness Formal Sankey Print. Looking up river over rapids/boulders.
7528 Bennet's Foxgloves Group of foxglove flowers
7529    London City and Midland Bank Duke Street Liverpool Victoria Friendly Soc in window above door. Large flagpole.
7530    Technical College Abbey Road 22 Mar 1920 Technical School. Pedestrians and cyclists.
7531    Duke Street 22 Mar 1920 View along Duke St on wet day; one tram; car EO 2120?
7532 Looking up Abbey Rd from Ramsden Square 22 Mar 1920 Adverts for continuous performance at Her Majesty's Theatre. Quinney? Tram; cart; pedestrians